President’s Choice

Special fine strands of vermicelli & egg noodles with bean curd skin, roasted pork belly, fried wonton, pipi bean, beanshoots & fried fishball in a piquant coconut curry soup, garnished with spring onion.

Seafood Rolls

Crispy vermicelli roll filled with fish paste, prawn & vegetables accompanied with sweet chilli dipping sauce.

White Snow King Prawns

Lightly battered king prawns cutlet, wok-tossed in a subtle tangy special garlic mayonnaise, coated with fresh lemon juice & garnished with peanuts.


Steamed cucumber, beanshoots, cabbages & tofu smothered in our famous peanut sauce, garnished with sliced egg & pappadams.

Indian Mee Goreng

Soft egg noodles wok-tossed with a blend of spices, diced bean curd, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken & prawns, garnished with lettuce & shallots

Nasi Lemak King

A unique combination rice dish with beef rendang, curry chicken served with peanuts, egg, ikan bilis, achar & cucumber.